Protease(Alkaline, Neutral, Acidic)

Protease(Alkaline, Neutral, Acidic)

  • Protease (Proteinase, Peptidases, or Proteolytic enzymes) breaks peptide bonds between amino acids of proteins. The process is called proteolytic cleavage, a common mechanism of activating or inactivating enzymes especially involved in blood coagulation or digestion.
  • The most significant industrial use of protease is for laundry detergents, which help remove protein-based stains (such as blood and egg) from clothing.
  • Enzymes from calf stomach and microbial sources are used to clot milk which is one of the first steps in cheese making, another important use.
  • Proteases are also used for bating (softening) leather, modifying food ingredients such as soy protein whipping agents, meat tenderizers, and flavor development.
  • Proteases have also been studied for their role in blood clotting and inflammatory diseases.

ASSAY: 10,000 IU - 5,00,000 IU, USP, and EP


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