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Kids Formulations by Meteoric Biopharma

In human lifecycle, aged from 1 year to 18 years is crucial in terms of biological development because all vital organs and its functionality develops in its full capacity. If any defects or dysfunctionality occurs during this period due to any reason than in most of cases, it remains lifelong. However, in modern era, kids spend more time in front of digital screen instead of physical activity, having disturbed food patterns, likely to eating frozen foods, unhealthy lifestyle leads to poor Circadian rhythms. As a result, various growth defects like systematic illness, hormonal disorders, obesity, early diabetes, poor vision, poor physical growth etc. are reported. Hence optimum diet with adequate nutrition has now become necessity to prevent such growth defects. Meteoric Biopharmaceuticals offers complete range of nutritional supplement as well as natural remedies with tasty, flavoured dosage form to avoid serious growth defects and maintain overall wellbeing.

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