• Dextranase [(1-6)-α-d-glucan 6-glucanohydrolases] hydrolyses the 1-6 glycosidic linkage in the dextran chain.
  • Dextranase enzyme has important industrial applications in medicine, for partial hydrolysis of native dextran in preparation of blood substitutes.
  • It depolymerizes various microbial dextran deposits in teeth and prevents tooth decay.
  • It is also used for preparing low molecular weight dextran and cytotoxic dextran conjugate, and dextranase is shown as an enhancer of antibiotic activity in endocarditis.
  • It can effectively improve the speed of heating cane juice, shorten the time to clarify and crystallize, to eliminate the adverse impact of crystallization, thereby improving the production efficiency and sugar yield.

ASSAY:Up to 1,00,000 IU, IP, USP, and EP


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