• Papain is a naturally occurring enzyme obtained from the latex of the fruit of PAPAYA (Carica papaya Latex). The enzyme Papain is obtained by drying papaya latex by suitable methods viz; sun drying, tray drying, spray drying, amongst others. Spray drying gives a fine powder, which dissolves easily in water to provide a solution of high proteolytic activity.
  • It is widely used for replacement therapy in pathological conditions where the concentration of bile acids in the upper intestine is low such as biliary fistula, disease of the ileum, and hepatic or extra-hepatic cholestasis.
  • Papain is an excellent fibrinolytic and caseinolytic enzyme, combined with amylase and lipase, and is a formidable digestive aid.
  • It is also used for the preparation of medicines, such as ointments for the debridement of wounds and inflammatory processes, and cleaning solutions for soft contact lenses.

ASSAY:50 TU/mg to 1000 TU/mg, Papain IP


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