Beta Glucanase

Beta Glucanase

  • Cell wall modification (beta-glucan breakdown) is crucial in extract development during malting and brewing. The modification rate of the grains of a barley sample is principally determined by their contents of cell wall beta-glucan and their potential to synthesize beta-glucanase. Therefore, malt samples contain low beta-glucan levels and high beta-glucanase activities and are considered suitable for brewing.
  • Beta Glucanase digests fiber. It helps with digestive problems such as malabsorption. It is an important enzyme because the human body cannot produce it independently.
  • Beta Glucanase helps break down plant walls (cellulose) and increases the efficiency of binding excess cholesterol and toxins in the intestines. Beta Glucanase is used for commercial food processing in coffee; it performs hydrolysis of cellulose during drying beans. It is also used in the textile industry as a fading agent.

ASSAY: Up to 50,000 IU


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