Meteodegrease (LIPASE)

Meteodegrease (LIPASE)

  • MeteoDegrease is a leather degreasing enzyme to be used in leather beam-house processes. 
  • It is specially designed for degreasing skins and hides. It explicitly removes the insoluble fatty substances. 
  • The lipase enzyme in MeteoDegrease disperses fatty substances and oils, enhancing re-hydration and removing adipose tissue. 
  • MeteoDegrease is a ready-to-use formulation of enzymes and other ingredients for high-performance degreasing, improving fat dispersion and removal, giving uniform color, and improved dye uptake. It also increases the tear and tensile strength of the finished leather. 
  • MeteoDegrease can be used either in soaking, liming, or before or after bating. It reduces chemical consumption and water effluent problems.
  • MeteoDegrease can reduce or even eliminate the need for surfactants or solvents.



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