S-Adenosyl – L- Methionine (Same)

S-Adenosyl – L- Methionine (Same)

  • S-denosyl methionine(SAME), a biological compound participating in methyl group transfer, is present in all living cells. It is synthesized endogenously from adenosine triphosphate(ATP) and methionine adenosyl transferase.
  • Transmethylation, transsulfuration and aminopropylation are the metabolic pathways that use SAMe. Although these anabolic reactions occur throughout the body, most SAM is produced and consumed in the liver.
  • The activated methyl group(CH3)in SAMe allows donation of this group to an acceptor substrate in transmethylation reactions. More than 40 metabolic reactions involve the transfer of a methyl group of SAM to various substrates such as nucleic acids, proteins and lipids.
  • SAMe is a good nutrition for the liver
  • SAMe has remarkable preventive effects on chronic active hepatitis, and other factors caused liver injury,heartdisease, cancer.
  • SAMe has been found to be as effective as pharmaceutical treatments for arthritis and major depression as well.
ASSAY: 95%~ 103%


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