Plant Base Tremella

Plant Base Tremella

Unlock the Power of Plant base Tremella

Tremella Fuciformis is a natural powerhouse for skin health and beauty. Extracted from Mulberry trees, this remarkable polysaccharide offers unparalleled moisturizing and antioxidative properties.

Product Benefits

Efficient Moisturizing

  • Significantly enhances skin hydration.
  • Increases moisture content of skin cells.
  • Forms a protective moisturizing layer to reduce moisture loss.
  • Dual effect of water retention and water holding.


Antioxidation and Anti-aging

  • Scavenges superoxide and hydroxyl radicals.
  • Prevents skin aging by inhibiting cytolipin peroxidation.
  • Promotes skin regeneration by boosting cell vitality.
  • Delays skin aging and repairs damaged skin.


Improves Skin Feel

  • High molecular polymer with excellent skin affinity and viscosity.
  • Provides a lubricating effect, leaving skin moist and smooth.
  • Eliminates dry and tight sensations.


Experience the Tremella Difference

Transform your skincare routine with the natural, powerful benefits of Tremella. Embrace a hydrated, youthful, and radiant complexion today!


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